Sunday, September 14, 2008

"Queen" of the Nursery

Ashley, the sweet girl that she is, created a big following in nursery this week. I went to pick her up after Priesthood meeting and the nursery leaders were all laughing. They said, "Do you know what song Ashley taught everybody today?" My mind immediately reviewed all of the songs that we were listening to in the car this week and I could picture in my mind the kids all singing some U2. A bit nervous about what song my sweet little girl was singing I asked them to tell me.
"We will Rock You" was the answer. I could picture all the kids standing in a line, stamping their feet and clapping as they sang the chorus to the song. The nursery leaders said that after a while they decided to change the lyrics and encouraged the kids to sing "We will help you." Somehow I got the feeling that they were less than successful.

Our New Neighbors

We recently moved into a new apartment. Durng the move in I noticed a bird's nest on the deck light fixture. I lifted Brooke up to look inside of it and she saw baby birds. She said, "They are bald. . . That's weird." I reached up and took this picture.

Unfortunately, the mother bird did not like us looking at her babies so every time we tried to go out on the deck we would get attacked. We were kept from enjoying our deck for a good part of the summer. FInally the babies grew up and flew away and we were able to remove the nest.

I was amazed to see how clean the inside of the nest was. THe birds were not so kind to our deck ( I wil spare you the photos of that mess).

. . . and starring Max as Buster Bunny

Max is getting so big. At his Dr's appointment last week he weighed 17 pounds and is wearing his 6-9 months clothes. It is hard to keep up with is constant need for bigger clothes. Thankfully we have very generous friends. (Thanks ladies!)

Back to School

Brooke and Mike returned to school last week. When Brooke got home she was greeted with a huge hug from her sister.

When I got home I got . . . Well, see for yourself.

Just Kidding, I received a great big hug from my sweet wife, but she was the only one that was awake. I usually get back from school at 9:00 p.m. and it takes me about two hours to unwind.

Going back to the law tower was very strange because I am sitting back in the same exact seat in the lecture hall where I spent my first year of law school. In some ways it is like returning to the first year of law school. I have six classes that require 3-5 hours of reading per week in addition to the two hour classroom lecture. It seems a bit overwhelming but I am sure it will be worth it.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Hello, Hello!!!

Hopefully we will have some pictures up soon. It has been a very busy summer!!!! We've had two computer that took a turn for the worst and completely died. The kids are growing like crazy!!! They sure keep me on my toes with a bunch of questions that I do not always want to answer. Tonight we were having family night and we were discussing faith. Brooke said, "I have this much faith!" (She held out her arms to show us. Then she said, "I have so much faith I can walk on water!!!" Mike and I could not help laughing. She was truly serious and I admire the amount of faith my 6 year old has. She told us that she says prayers at school and on the bus to help her to not feel scared. She is such a great example to me and I adore her.

Ashley is a handful these days. She is always seeing how far she can push Brooke and then she starts to laugh. It is quite funny and I often have to leave the room and laugh and then I go back in and let Ashley know that her behavior is not okay!! She will start joy school in the next couple of weeks which she is so excited about!!! She wants to climb on to the bus with Brooke everyday. She is always asking me how long it is before Brooke comes home from school.

Mike has started school again and loves it!!! He is going to BU to get and LLM in tax. If you want to know what exactly that involves you'll have to ask him because what he is learning goes right over my head. I'm so greatful for the great husband that he is. He works so hard to support our family and he tries so hard to make sure that I am happy which is a full time job in itself. I don't know how he does it!!!

Max is getting so big and he enjoys eating!!! At his 4 month check up this past week he was 27 inches tall and weighed 17 pounds. He brings so much joy into our home as well as many sleepless nights!! Not sure what to do with the sleep thing. I do enjoy holding him and feeling the spirit which he has. It is so great to hold a newborn and realize that they were with Heavenly Father not too long ago.

I am a busy mom trying to make sure that my family is happy. I don't feel like I always succeed, but I learn new things each day and am greatful for the opportunity I have to be a stay at home mom!!!

As soon as I figure out how to use this new computer I will post some new pictures.

We love you all...