Saturday, September 29, 2007

We're Kind Of New At This

Hello everyone!!
We are pleased to have you visit our blog. I would like to thank Becky for turning us on to this cool service. This will be an easy way to keep everyone up to date on what is going on in the great North Eastern section of our country. And we might tell ya a little bit about our family too!

We are still trying to get used to Brooke being in school. The other day, Ashley cried when Brooke left for school. Carol says that Ashley gets pretty bored without her big sister to play with. However, Carol and Ashley find plenty to do while Brooke is at school including frequent role changes when Ashley will tell Carol, "I the mommy. You sit down and I read books." These instructions are usually followed by Ashley "reading" 5 to 10 books to Carol. Dad gets the opposite treatment. The other day I went into their room while Ashley was sitting on the chair reading books and she said five words, "Get out. I read books."

Brooke really enjoys school and has caught the spelling bug. We are constantly telling her how to spell words that she wants to write next to the pictures she has drawn. She loves school and happily gets up every morning and rides the bus. Even after getting sent home on the wrong bus during the first week of school.

I will add more later. We miss you.