Monday, August 10, 2009

Are you for real????

Last week I had an experience that made me feel very discouraged. Let me preface the whole situation. I called this woman in the morning because I needed to be fitted for a dress to be in an orchestra. I called her the morning on the day that the fitting was scheduled. Mind you there was no call by date or anything I was just told to call her. So anyhow while talking to her on the phone she started lecturing me that I should call earlier and implied that I was a rude person. I felt upset by the whole situation because all she needed to so was to say I'm sorry but I need advance notice for this. I would have been fine with that. I did not need a lecture!!! The whole day I was thinking to myself get over it everything is fine. Forgive, forget and move on. So I did, but then that night I got there and I was there right on time. I was being very courteous and told her I was sorry. After I tried on the dresses I found what I thought looked great on me. I went out and said I like this and she said well try on a smaller size. I was greatful for that, but then when I came back out to have her make sure that it looked all right she said well your tummy will go down after you get up and chase after your kids more. I was like, "Are you for real????" I did not say anything because I was shocked. I have lost over 30 pounds since January. I still have 5 more to go, but really? I could not believe that she said that. I mean really!!!! I left as soon as I could because I was so shocked. Anyhow it has caused me some grief these past few days and I'm struggling to get over this. I was feeling so great about what I had accomplished and was feeling real great because I'm getting so much faster in my running and I have more energy to chase after the kids and then she implies that I'm fat. Good grief. I need to get over it so if anyone has suggestions on how to move on please feel free to share.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Another funny thing.....

After swimming lessons last night we stayed and played for family swim time.  We had such a great time with the kids.  When it was time to go Brooke had to go to the bathroom.  Since it had been a long time I said, "Ashley why don't you come with us to the bathroom?"  Her reply was this and very loud, "Because I all ready peed in my swimsuit."  Well at that point it was too late to do anything but laugh!!!  Sorry for all those who went swimming while we were there.  When you gotta go you gotta go!!!