Sunday, June 13, 2010

Here are some more pictures.

We're Back!

After a six month hiatus we have decided to return and update our blog. Things are going well. As you can see from the pictures we got a trampoline and can't seem to get the kids off of it. They jump for a few minutes then run to the swings and then run back and jump. It is nice to have them want to be outside so much. Now if we could only get the weather to cooperate.

Brooke finished second grade and was awarded the Golden Falcon Award. She was very proud and gave us a big toothless smile as she received her certificate. Ashley is getting geared up for Kindergarten and asks on a daily basis when we are moving back to Boston. (Sorry kid, we are staying here for a while). Max is learning to communicate and has learned to scream MOMMY!!!! WHERE ARE YOU? in the middle of the night . . . what a pleasant alarm clock. When he gets past this stage we will need to buy a rooster just to keep things real.