Friday, October 31, 2008

Playing in the rain

Something that we really enjoy is taking our shoes off and playing in the puddles after a good rain storm.  How unfortunate that is coming to an end since it is getting cold.  We look for the biggest puddle and then we start jumping and running through it.  Sometimes Ashley likes to try to swim in it and lays down and gets all wet.  Brooke on the other hand likes to stay clean and opts just to get her feet wet and then she comes inside and cleans them.


Ashley has a new hobby counting spoons.  She takes every spoon out of the drawer and lines them up on the counter and then she counts them.  She sure has a good time doing this!!!  The only tough part is the cleaning up.  I usually end up washing all of them.

One Sunday of kids staying clean and cute!!

I took this picture of the kids on Sunday afternoon.  This is one of those time when being a mother brings me so much joy and happiness.  My kids are so great and I often find them teaching me things.  They so easily forgive when I do stupid things and they are so willing to love me when I am grumpy and tired.  They love being together and playing together.  We do have so much fun as a family.  

Just for fun

I decided that since Max is in bed (has been for and hour and it is only 7:25) and Mike took the girls trick or treating I would post some more.  I hope that everyone is having a great Halloween!!!  So a few weeks ago Ashley had her cute footy pj's on and Mike decided to stuff it with pillows.  This is what she looked like.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Apple Picking

The first Saturday in October we took the kids Apple Picking.  We went to Parlee Farm and we had a hay ride and enjoyed eating yummy apples.  

Someday we'll get this down

Hello family and friends,

We have been so very busy!!!  Life is so exciting, but I feel that all we do is go, go, go!!!  I get excited when we have some down time and can just chill out and watch a movie!!!  Anyhow we do enjoy life and our kids.  We love them so much and learn from them each day.  Brooke did a great job in the primary program today.  She read her part perfectly.  She knew most of the words in the songs.  Brooke loves helping out with Max.  She asks me each day if she can sit and hold him.  Max is getting stronger each day.  He can sit up by himself without help and he has also been going to sleep on his own at bedtime.  He has a love for water and enjoys his bath.  Ashley these days is still drumming to her own drum and I love that!!  Last week she was teaching the nursery the march song from Star Wars.  I do sing her primary songs, but she does not want to teach them those songs.  Sorry this is so long winded.  I'll put some pictures on since that is what you want to see anyhow!!!