Sunday, May 3, 2009

Funny conversation

On our way home today from church we had quite the conversation with the girls.  Brooke said, "Why is it called a sleepover when you're supposed to stay awake?"  I replied yea they should call it a wake-over.  That got Mike laughing.  Anyhow Brooke started to ask if she could have a sleepover and I said, "Let's wait until we get to Utah and then we can have a slumber party at our new house."  Of course she was excited about this.  Then I said we could have the party downstairs and everyone could sleep in a sleeping bag.  This got the juices flowing and she and Ashley were in the back saying, "We'll do make up and paint our nails and eat m & m's and have a pillow fight."  Ashley said, "and we can play Star Wars and I'll be Luke."  Brooke said, "We'll all have to be Princess Leah because we are all girls."  Ashley said, "but I want to be Luke."  Anyhow Mike and I were laughing so hard because they were throwing out all these fun ideas.  It will be fun to have some space to do some of these things that the girls have only heard of.  

Random pictures!!!

Brooke lost her first tooth.
Best friends!!!!!!  I love this picture.
They sure love dresses.  I have no idea where that love came from!!!
Max is past crawling, but I thought this was cute.
On April 25th we celebrated Max's 1st birthday!!!!  Its so much fun to have these great kids!!

In April we celebrated 2 birthdays!!!!!!  Ashley turned 4 on April 9th.  We celebrated her birthday on the 18th and had a great Star Wars birthday party.  Mike even made light sabers for everyone and they each got to do a Jedi training course and fight Darth Vader.