Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sorry for the lack of posting!!

We have had a few crazy weeks!! Our main computer crashed last week and so we have lost alot of pictures and Mike has the camera at work. We'll try to get some things posted soon, but it may take us a month since we'll be moving and then out of town. Hope all is well.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Oh the things kids say!!

Last night as the kids were brushing there teeth in there bathroom Mike smelled an interesting smell. He looked in the little potty that we used for Ashley that we still have not put away and he found pee that had not been cleaned out. Ashley every once and a while still uses it only she does not clean it out. Mike said who did this? Brooke said "not me." And immediately after Brooke said that Ashley said "me either" Mike looked at Ashley and said, "You didn't?" And her reply was "Max must have done it!!" WE all laughed so hard. Hope you are all doing well.